Bring your littles in to sing, dance, and engage in sensory activities while you meet up with local mothers or soon-to-be mothers in the community to discuss life and motherhood. Supervised by volunteers from Monmouth College. All mothers welcome. Recommended for children ages 0-5.

A big thank you to Kristyne Gilbert, the Buchanan Center for the Arts and KWQC Davenport News Channel 6 for including us in this wonderful story. Our community has so many people, places and organizations to be thankful for. We have an incredibly diverse and unique population, as well as many free family friendly activities for all members of Warren County. Check out the story below! 

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Warren County Library was one of sixty-three Illinois public libraries to receive a "Business and Libraries: Working Together" technology package including a computer and books to help businesses and entrepreneurs create new economic growth opportunities.  Each of the sixty-three libraries received a tablet computer and a collection of business related books totaling approximately $1,000.