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Rhymes with Fool by Jim Courter

This story starts off dry. If you like that, great; if you don't, keep reading because it picks up by chapter 10.  It reads like an old black and white cop show starring Sam Spade -- at least, that's what it reminded me of. But our guy is Barry Pool, an ex-investigative reporter now working as a P.I.

Barry's trying to do the right thing, but his hands are tied just trying to get somebody to listen to him, and to do something as the clock ticks down to... Well, not what you think. Do the ends justify the means? I guess only Barry Pool -- and his priest -- knows the answer to that.

Meet the author Tuesday, September 11th at 4pm! Jim will be at the Warren Co. Library to sign and sell copies of Rhymes with Fool. The novel is also available for $10.99 through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.